Many Jewish communities have long relied on phone lines and answering machines to inform people about the status of their eruv. Extreme weather, last minute repairs and other unforeseen circumstances can make updating your community about the status of the eruv stressful for everyone involved.

Although these old answering machines get the job done, they are outdated, expensive to run, and difficult to use. EruvStatus was created to provide an affordable and user friendly way to send notifications out to members of your community about the status of your eruv.

Instead of people calling you to find out if the eruv is up, EruvStatus lets you send an alert out to everyone in your community!

Get notified

Want to receive notifications about the status of local eruv every week? Just make an account and choose how you want to receive updates (text message or e-mail). Receiving updates is completely free!

Get involved

Want to have your community's eruv listed here? Send us a message and we'll explain the details. EruvStatus was created to serve the needs of the Jewish community and we do our best to keep costs to a minimum.